Curious to Explore your Sexuality? Embark on the Journey of Threesomes with 3nder

Are you dying to try out the world of lust and freedom with equally open minded spirits like you are? As a couple do you find it hard to find willing third sexual partner to try out the wild sides and threesomes for a racy and exciting sexual journey? Be couple or be singles, the number 1 app that brings together the likeminded beings who want to venture into the territories of threesomes, breaking and shattering the boundaries of social norms and taking a dip in the air of freedom is here and its name is 3nder! Date others being in a relationship already or date other couples being a single, just how ever your heart desires!

This detailed, honest and informative review will help you understand more about 3nder and how your venture into it should begin right now if not already.

What is 3nder?

Formerly known as 3nder, Now Feeld has reborn into a platform where alike minds can be expressive without the fear or concern of judgment by the society. Here, you can explore and empower your thoughts of sexual fantasy, where kinky meets racy threesomes and you can explore as much as you want. If you question the system of abiding by the society norms which you never defined yourself, then here at 3nder you find everyone around you with the same and exact thought!

3nder is a private space which allows every couple or single to explore the freedom they have been starving for. Here at 3nder, every curious mind know why they have come here, and is to diversify the nature of their sexual lives. With unlimited and incredibly amazing features, you can stay rest assured about the complete protection of your identity at 3nder. Available on iTunes for Apple and AppStore for Android, you only need to install 3nder, create your account and start your journey! Hence, let 3nder help you broaden your perspectives, meet those kinky minds that help you look beyond the horizons of your sexuality and enjoy your time either with your partner or as a single who is just having a lot of fun.

3nder is here to open the doors for your curiosity and sexual wild desires with absolutely zero judgment.

3nder is packed with incredible features and options to help you have the ultimate experience of your sexual life and continue it for as long as your heart and mind demands.

  • Anonymous feature yet protective and trusted identities- 3nder understand how to provide you your essential private space. That is why, you do not need to use your real name and you can be anonymous if you need to be. However, every user on 3nder is verified first and their identities checked through the medium of Facebook. To sign up, you need to sign through your Facebook account for completed verification.
  • A complete private space for you to unleash your hidden desires and unspoken fantasies- Feeld holds the motto of complete protection of identity and giving its users the platform to have pleasant, exciting and interesting journey with the complete protection of the privacy.
  • Date others with your partner beside you and in your company- when you trust your partner enough to open up to them regarding your desire to have a threesome, not only does your bond grow much stronger and deeper but you are surrounded with a complete sense of weightlessness. As you may already know, Feeld is no ordinary dating app. Here singles can pair up with partners, lovers and friends while you can also have your solo experience if you so command. It’s the open space of exploration.
  • See the people around you and exchange self- destructive photos according to your matches- One of the unique and most convenient features include exploring around and checking the users around your area. This way, you can find your matches pretty easily. Furthermore, if you need to exchange photos then do so as willingly as you want without any worries! These photos self- destruct themselves as you send, hence your data is always secured.
  • 3nder is packed with positive and trusted user reviews as it is one of the highest rated adult dating apps in the market- You can find the user reviews and testimonials yourself to check how awesome this app is. Perfectly truthful to its word, Feeld helps users find their potential matches without any hindrance. User friendly along with updates that help to keep the app working smoothly, you are sure to have a blast here.

Feeld, the former 3nder emerging from the rebrand.

Feeld was formerly known as 3nder, however a certain unfortunate lawsuit led it to the rebranding of this app. A lawsuit was passed by Tinder in the claims that the name would directly benefit from the name of Tinder itself. Hence, 3nder found itself a new identity in the name of Feeld and became a new version that is more refined, polished and wild.

How Feeld Works- A guide and Introduction for the newbie

In order to sign up, all you need to do is sign up using your Facebook account. Since you can be anonymous, an imaginary name will completely do and Feeld does not post any details about you to your Facebook wall. Addition privacy can also be maintained as you lock your app with a pin code.

As a member, you can have two functions available to you which are the Incognito and the Curiosity functions. Curiosity helps you view those who have loved you from those who disliked you. While incognito helps you remain anonymous but view your Facebook friends who are also on Feeld. These are quite an impressive and tempting function for members.

So do you are? Are you game? Unleash your sexual fantasies, discover your kinky potential and surprise your partner as you both experience the horizons of threesomes and make your love grow stronger. Download Feeld now, enjoy the perks and keep on using it as long as your heart calls for it.

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