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Op3n Review

Do you find the excitement, thrill and the adrenaline rush of experimenting new ventures as a couple to be highly tempting? As you date your significant other over the years, your relation will continually need the experimentation with new activities to keep the bond and spark between each other alive. If you, like many others throughout the globe find the excitement in shattering the sexual boundaries and date others as a couple, then one of the most suitable apps for you includes Op3n. Be couples or singles, Op3n is a dating platform which is only available on Android and aims to bring the like and open- minded beings of this world together.

As you try out the horizons of freedom by breaking through the norms of society which you never set yourself, your exciting and racy sexual journey starts with Op3n. This review elaborates on the purpose of this Android app, its pros and cons to help you judge it yourself.

Op3n- the Ultimate App for Threesomes and Couple’s dating

Op3n is an Android couple dating app where couples can meet other singles or couples and vice versa, to try finding others with mutual interest and fantasies of threesomes. Without concerning to the pre- conceived ideas and taboos of society, Op3n brings together the generation of curious and open- minded beings. Find others having similar interest as yours, feel space in opening up your darkest, unknown and hidden fantasies in the secrecy of anonymity and date others as a couple to expand the horizons of your freedom.

Op3n shatters every pre- conceived taboo and brings forth the likeminded people to share their dream lifestyle.

  • A secure and safe private space for you to unleash your fantasies and share with others- Op3n aims to bring unknown people having mutual desires, fantasies and interests who are willing to be flexible and experiment with their sexuality. It adheres to no fake identity, hence, only certified profiles are available. With zero information being published to your Facebook profile, you can always sign up through Facebook for the guarantee to a real identity.
  • In complete secrecy and covertness, being anonymous you let out your hidden desires to mingle with others in threesomes- Op3n understands the significance and importance of securing your privacy, that is why it lets you go covert in the anonymous mode to stay hidden from your Facebook contacts as you delve into the racy journeys of life. So, bring out your inner desires and transform them into reality.
  • As a couple or single, chat in a group chat feature for more intimate conversation- this multi- way dating app for couples and singles lets every member chat in the group chat option to discuss their similar hobbies, interests and the desire to try the unconventional yet common desires of threesomes.
  • No fear of spam as only reciprocity works- Members are connected according to their mutual interests and hobbies. Therefore, due to reciprocity no spam is to be feared.

How Op3n Works

Op3n aims to help you find more adventurous and thrill- seeking minds who are flexible, curious and open just like you. The creators of Op3n earnestly develop user- friendly interfaces for you to experience the ultimate fun through this app.

You simply need to sign up through your Facebook profile, as Op3n brings members around your location near to you. You can browse through them, their hobbies and interests and find out their relationship status and sexual identity as well.

The “Op” features help you to get into your anonymous mode and “X” lets you unlike someone if your mutual areas are exclusive. If the “Op” is mutual, a group chat feature is enabled letting you embark on your journey to know each other. Furthermore, you can also add other couples or singles through “+” to expand your group.

The Ultimate Verdict

The ultimate verdict lies in the fact that Op3n is a powerful medium for every couple or singles hiding their desires to find others who find the world of threesomes tempting. With complete privacy and protection of identity, a smooth user- interface and certified profiles, Op3n is surely the ground breaking app for these open- minded beings of the world. So, try out Op3n now and hit the Android AppStore.

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